Using Dorm

① Room Cleaning
The rooms are cleaned once a week and the bed linen will be changed 2 times a week.
(We will give you the notice before cleaning.)

② Laundry Service
We will offer three times a week like Mon, Wed, Fri for guys / Tues, Thurs, Sat for ladies.
We are not responsible for shrinkage, color loss, or other damage.

③ Daily necessity
Please purchase the daily necessities Ike soups, tissues, towels in person,you can get them from Duty-free shop, too.

④ Facilities Deposit
The facilities deposit, 2500 peso must be paid, if there are no damage will be given a refund of 100%.
Damage caused deliberately or by carelessness (key, phone, etc.)
wit be deduct from your deposit. If the cost is more than that, must be paid for by the person.

⑤ Electricity bill
You must pay for the electricity bill -700peso every month per one person.
(It could be increased depend on Philippine inflation)

⑥ Personal belongings
Please look after your personal belongings! GS cannot take responsibility for any loss, theft or damage to any student property whatever the cause.
For your own protection please use the locker with your own lock. If you want, the valuables can be kept with the school.

Dorm Living

① Entrance
Students who do not have their ID with them may not be allowed entry to the school.
When you go out please keep it with the security guard and when you return, get it back.

② Go out and stay out over night
Going out and staying overnight are not allowed from Mon to Thur.
(Only the purpose for exercise can be out between 16:00 ~ 19:00)
The curfew hour is by 3:00 on Fri and Sat, Sunday and holiday. by 24:00

③ Visiting
Any students - are not allowed to enter another student room due to a disturbance of the rest, study and privacy, etc.
(theft and staying together with boys and girls)

④ Alcohol Consumption
Alcohol consumption is not allowed to possessing and drinking in dorm for any case.

⑤ Quiet
A loud singing and creating a commotion are to be prohibited for an academic atmosphere.

⑥ Nonsmoking
Smoking is prohibited in designated study area and dormitory in order to protect exposure to other students and to protect fire. It's available at 1st floor rest area only.

⑦ Fire prevention
The causes of a fire, like a burner, a coffeepot, candles, matches are to be prohibited.

⑧ Changing a room
If you want to change a room, you can apply from two weeks later of your arrival.
The school will arrange according to reservations and the difference is required to pay.

⑨ Take Out the foods and the dishes
The foods and the dishes cannot be taken out from dinning. In case of need, like a illness, the name of him/his is recorded first and the dishes must be returned on that day.