GS IELTS Program

IELTS process in GS English Language Center guarantees the high ratio of success

GS has assigned by British Council for IELTS educational institution and official examination site.
Presently, under the management of British council and GS English Language Center, The English Language Center has official IELTS in progress
GS IELTS program is providing that improvement in English skill from variety of circumstances based on real contents and data by 4 different categories.

※ Even though they haven’t got their desired band score, they can take entrance test as substitution.

  • Designated as the official examination site from BRITISH COUNCIL.
  • Constantly supporting to achieve the goal score.
  • Providing optimal environment for the good results on the actual IELTS test.
  • 4 component (Speaking, Reading, Writing, Listening) will be instructed by the teacher in charge.
  • Improvement of listening and writing skills by daily test.
  • Trial test will progress once in every two weeks.

Pre-IELTS Course (Beginners)

IELTS Plus/ Premium Course (Guaranteed for 5.5/6.0)

IELTS Curriculum

1:1 Small group and Native speaker IELTS Practice
4 hours 2 hours of group class / 1 hour of native speaker 1 hour
Pre-IELTS IELTS Plus Premium Course
Guaranteed score Above 5.5, over 3.5 on official IELTS or more than 500 on TOEIC (can be replaced with GS IELTS level test) Above 6.0, over 5.0 on official IELTS or more than 680 on TOEIC (can be replaced with GS IELTS level test)
Required status N/A After IELTS Plus or Premium Course has finished, the free course will be provided for the students who are under the goal score and followed by the regulataions below (Not included : dormitory fee, VISA, and extra fee/ over 85% of studying accomplishment, and must follow the regulations of GS without a warning letter)
※ Some courses could be flexibly change depending upon the language center’s regulation and student’s condition
※ The courses and the teachers can be changed by the student’s decision, and extra fee can be charged in some circumstances.

IELTS Schedule

Time Class Contents
06:30~07:00 Get up and Work out Taking a walk/Working out
07:00~08:00 Breakfast Korean meal
08:00~08:50 1st class Man to man class
09:00~09:50 2nd class Man to man class
10:00~10:50 3rd class Man to man class
11:00~11:50 4th class Man to man class
11:50~13:00 Lunch Korean meal
13:00~13:50 5th class Group class
14:00~14:50 6th class Group class
15:00~15:50 7th class Group class
16:00~17:50 Self-activities Golf, Swimming, Jogging, etc.
18:00~19:00 Dinner Korean meal
19:00~19:50 8th class IELTS Practice Class
20:00~23:00 Self Study IELTS Group study
23:00~ Break time & Bedtime English diary/Home work
Pre-IELTS Course (Beginners)
  • The process for the student who doesn’t have official record or takes basic English class and wants to learn advanced English, more than basic conversation
  • Every last week of the month, the trial test will be conducted
  • If the student achieve a result of the trial test over 3.5, 100% atteandance, and over 85% of studying accomplishment, can move to IELTS Plus Course
IELTS Plus / Premium Course (5.5/ 6.0 guaranteed)
  • The process for whom needs official record for studying abroad or immigration in a short period and have variety types of the actual test for preparing IELTS
  • IELTS trial test will be conducted every two weeks
  • During the process, if the student achieve 100% atteandance, over 85% of studying accomplishment, and has followed regulations of GS without warning letter, free IELTS test supervised by the Philippines IDP will be provided once