GS Semi Sparta ELS Program

GS students can take a target education according to individual ability that has 6 levels.

Customized multi level system

ESL Curriculum

Division Time Training time Instruction
1:1 class 4 hours Daily time General English
Native speaker group class 2 hours Daily time
Group class
Special Classes 2 hours Night time (Opinion) CNN, TOEIC
Self –development activities 3 hours After school Golf practice rane, Swimming pool, Table tennis court
TOEIC / TOEFL For students who want to find a job, enter a school and study abroad.
analyze changing and pattern of TOEIC/TOEFL and Provide previous TOEIC/TOEFL test.
CNN Watching CNN and learn some high quality vocabulary
Business English For students who want to get a job and business man/woman.
Learn about Business speaking, Reading, Writing skills to improve.
ESL Students study basic English that bases on GS phases.

ESL Time Table

Time Class Contents
06:30~07:00 Get up and morning exercise Walking/Exercise
07:00~08:00 Breakfast Korean food
08:00~08:50 1st Class 1on1 or Group Class
09:00~09:50 2nd Class 1on1 or Group Class
10:00~10:50 3rd Class 1on1 or Group Class
11:00~11:50 4th Class 1on1 or Group Class
11:50~13:00 Lunch Korean food
13:00~13:50 5th Class 1on1 or Group Class
14:00~14:50 6th Class 1on1 or Group Class
15:00~16:50 Self development activities Golf, Swimming, Jogging etc
17:00~17:50 7th Class TOEIC Class(Optional class)
18:00~19:00 Dinner Korean food
19:00~19:50 8th Class CNN Class(Optional class)
20:00~22:00 Self study(Mandatory) At the study hall
22:00~23:00 At the study hall
23:00~ Personal time English diary/Home work